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Avant Assessment



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ClassPak is Avant's original instructional support tool designed to assist teachers in creating a proficiency-oriented classroom.


  • helps teachers build, deliver and manage reading, writing and speaking quizzes, lessons, assignments and activities
  • provides authentic texts (realia) to use in lessons and STAMP-like proficiency quizzes
  • enables data-driven instruction with instant online teacher access to quiz data.
  • familiarizes students with the STAMP test experience
  • is available in Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish

For educators, ClassPak:

  • fosters a more consistent learning environment from one classroom, school, or district to the next, because teachers use standardized rubrics to grade writing and speaking items
  • improves reliability: automatically grades all reading quizzes; teachers use rubrics to grade writing/speaking tasks
  • facilitates staff development and reflective teaching, with easy, online access to student and class data

For students, ClassPak:

  • facilitates learning through real-world language situations
  • clearly shows what they can do with the language
  • prepares them for taking the STAMP test.