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Avant believes that every student can communicate and thrive in a diverse world, and that every educator can be confident in guiding student learning with data, evidence and observation. A leader in proficiency assessments, Avant provides valid, reliable tests for language proficiency in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 

Avant’s expertise in linguistics, assessment, technology and education is foundational to solutions that build student and teacher confidence and deliver accurate standards-based data to inform teaching and learning. Delivered via the web, Avant’s assessment tools are easily accessible, personalized and engaging.

STAMP™ Proficiency Assessment
For Elementary School – College
A real-world, computer-adaptive assessment administered by a proctor to determine real-world proficiency in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Language options include Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. STAMP assessments help teachers and administrators monitor progress and evaluate programs. 

Avant Placement
For Middle School – College
An initial measurement of language ability used to group and place language students appropriately. Placement engages students with everyday, real-world scenarios in Reading, Contextualized Grammar, Writing and Speaking, and can be completed quickly and conveniently—anytime, anywhere. Language options include Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese and  Spanish.



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