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“The reality is that we have to reflect the nation we live in and we have to reflect the world we are a part of. Languages are the key to understanding that world.”
- Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta during speech at Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 

            August 23, 2011 

Avant is at the forefront of standards-based language assessment design and development, integrating unique competencies in the science of language assessment and acquisition with best practices in adaptive test development. Avant has achieved this position by developing a systematic, best-practices approach to test production with our Item Development Managers. Our global team of over 400 linguists, passage collectors, item writers and assessment experts produce high quality work as evidenced by high first-review acceptance rates by clients. Validity, reliability, efficiency and economy drive our work.

Avant's Test Development Services for government and business have completed dozens of contracts for high- and low-level proficiency tests consisting of thousands of test items in over 40 languages. Avant is known for our work in advanced subject items that substantially improve the consistency, objective accuracy and speed of completion for item content across multiple languages.

Key Points:

  • Small business – Avant meets the definition of a small business under Language Providers and Technology
  • Contract ready – Avant provides language assessments to multiple agencies within the U.S. government.
  • Working with 40+ languages and 400 item developers
  • Proven results – proficiency tests, item development from ILR scale 0+ to 5, diagnostic tests, iCAN®
  • DUNS number 105891308
  • NAICS codes 611710, 541511, and 518210

Discover how Avant can assist you with our complete language assessment family, including Diagnostic Language Assessments and Language Proficiency Assessments.