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Avant Assessment

Avant is Contract Ready

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Avant distinguishes itself in government contracting and subcontracting by providing tests and test items at all Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Levels (0 – 5), as well as in less commonly taught languages such as Uzbek, Yoruba and Tagalog.  Avant also meets the definition of a small business under Language Providers and Technology.

Diagnostic Language Contracts

Avant recently completed the first integrated diagnostic language assessment. This assessment leveraged primary groundbreaking research conducted by Avant in the science of language acquisition, and has the potential to stimulate significant changes in how the U.S. government assesses the language skills of its workforce over the long term.

Language Proficiency Contracts

In 2008, as a subcontractor to Transparent Language, Inc. (TLI) on intelligence community contracts, Avant developed and delivered tests for 19 languages with questions in multiple choice as well as open-ended formats, and continues to host those tests today.

Avant has also been a partner to the Department of Defense Education Activities (DoDEA) schools since 2007, successfully delivering over 25,000 STAMP tests to 73 schools on military bases throughout the world. We have provided custom reporting for assessment of student proficiency and language programs throughout the DoDEA system. To date, Avant is the only private company capable of providing a fully adaptive and comprehensive language assessment solution to these unique schools.

In 2011, Avant completed a four-year, 19-language, very high on the ILR scale (3+ to 5) Reading proficiency assessment project for a USG client. A groundbreaking project in many ways, it resulted in the first computer-based, automatically scored tests to cover the highest ranges of the ILR scale and the first mono-lingual (no English) ILR-based tests ever developed for the client. The tests are computer-adaptive and use several innovative new item types that were specifically designed to measure those aspects of the construct that are unique to the very highest levels of the scale. Avant has also designed, delivered online, and automatically scored Reading and Listening proficiency tests in two additional languages for another USG client at ILR levels 0+ to 3.

Item Creation Contracts

As a contractor to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), Avant has developed test items in multiple choice and constructed response formats for DLIFLC to deliver through its own platforms to the military and U.S. government employees.