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Avant Assessment

Diagnostic Language Assessments

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Avant recently completed the first integrated diagnostic language assessment. This assessment leveraged primary groundbreaking research conducted by Avant in the science of language acquisition, and has the potential to stimulate significant changes in how the U.S. government assesses the language skills of its workforce over the long term.

The test is designed for American adult language learners who want to determine which language skills they need to improve upon in order to develop proficiency in the target language.

The test focuses on two receptive domains of language competence: Reading Comprehension and Listening Comprehension. Each domain is divided into three strands: Vocabulary, Sentence Grammar, and Discourse Grammar. The test is designed to provide an accurate measurement of these three strands which to date had never been achieved with accuracy due to the inherent deep complexity of developing diagnostic assessments.

Scoring: Possible scores are 0 and 1. The examinee must select the correct answer to receive full credit, which is one (1) point.

Diagnostic tests include:

  • Separate scores for each of the three sub-strands in Reading and Listening: Vocabulary, Sentence Grammar, and Discourse Grammar
  • Descriptions of learners’ relative strengths and weaknesses 
  • Language-specific recommendations that can be used in the development or revision of an Individualized Learning Plan
  • Focus on ILR 1+ to 2 and 2 + to 3 transitions
  • At each transition, probes and scores three strands: Vocabulary, Sentence Grammar, Discourse Structure
  • Each transition/strand sub-test can be taken separately
  • Adaptive structure
  • Unique item development scheme