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Avant Assessment

STAMP 4S Sample Test for Test Takers

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By taking the Avant STAMP 4S Sample Test for Test Takers, you will experience the types of test items that you will be given when you take a STAMP 4S Test, and you’ll see how the technology makes it easy to show what you can do with the language. Specifically, depending on the language you choose, you will see how to:

  • Switch to Character-based text entry (Arabic, Chinese and Japanese – see Avant’s Character Input Guide for assistance).
  • Use the Accent and Special Character panel below the writing window when needed in your writing (Spanish, French and German).
  • Answer multiple questions about real-world scenarios.

You can learn more about being ready with the STAMP 4S Test Taker’s Guide.

Please enter your School, City and State below and then take the Sample Test.

By taking the STAMP 4S Sample Test, you agree that you will not reproduce any of the test items for any use whatsoever without express permission from Avant Assessment.