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Avant Assessment

Attend a Free Webinar

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Please join us online for interactive demonstrations of Avant solutions. 

In each 45-minute webinar, we will show you how STAMP™ and Placement™ can be used in the classroom to help students progress towards proficiency and help educators more easily:

  • Validate language proficiency levels related to standards.

  • Understand where students are in their language acquisition.

  • Move teaching practices closer to the goal of personalized learning for EVERY student.

To register for an upcoming webinar, please send us an email with your request.

Can't make it to a webinar? Email to request a link to a video recording. 


Email or call +1 (888) 718-7887.

For pricing information or to make a purchase:
Please call our Sales Team toll-free at +1 (888) 731-7887 or email