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Proficiency Cycle

Language is the foundation of identity, social-emotional learning, and connecting with community and culture. It is a lifelong journey.

Proficiency is where language fundamentals and real-world communication meet. Avant’s Proficiency Cycle is the practical application necessary for proficiency growth and development.

Avant provides the tools and ecosystem needed to support and inspire the lifelong language journey for all learners and preserve languages for generations.

Valid and Reliable Assessment

Reliable assessments aren’t just cold statistics; they’re the heartbeats of progress, lighting up the path with defined objectives and accomplishments. True growth isn’t limited to an annual exam: it’s the everyday victories, the small but tangible steps forward. Avant STAMP isn’t just any assessment tool–it’s the gold standard. 

Avant’s test questions and prompts are meticulously curated by language experts to best allow the test taker to showcase their skills to their highest potential. 

Unlike other language assessments, our patented computer-adaptive design challenges the test taker without becoming too difficult or too easy.

Avant Certified Raters undergo extensive ongoing training and oversight to maintain a high degree of inter-rater reliability.

Personalize Instruction

Imagine a roadmap tailored for every learner. Every number and every trend, whispers a story about a learner’s strengths, aspirations, and areas ripe for growth. Knowledge is power and with this enriched understanding educators can sculpt lessons and interventions that resonate, inspire, and elevate learners to maximize their proficiency growth. 

Avant’s visual reporting and “power-up” suggestions guide test takers toward the efforts needed to achieve the next level of proficiency.

Our professional assessment and research team regularly analyzes test results and ratings to ensure the highest quality assessment and data is achieved. We also offer analysis services and training for your team.

Professional Learning

Picture a classroom where teachers are brimming with confidence. With Avant ADVANCE and Avant MORE Learning, educators are architects of dreams, armed with a profound understanding of proficiency guidelines and assessment data.

Avant ADVANCE trains educators on the proficiency descriptors and practical classroom application. 

Avant MORE Learning, including our MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI) team, crafts custom workshops to suit your teachers’ and programs’ goals. 

Our specialists at MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI) help support your Dual Language/ Bilingual immersion programs so they’re more than effective–they’re revolutionary. 

NEW! MeTabi is a game-changing language-learning app, exclusively offered through Avant, that will engage and challenge your learners like never before. They’ll be able to immerse themselves in real-world conversations and situations–making language learning fun and empowering! 

Build Pathways

Avant’s assessments are passports to powerful credentials, including the prestigious State and Global Seals of Biliteracy. Teachers and learners proudly pin these badges onto their profiles, college applications, and resumes. The American Council on Education’s (ACE) recommendations of Avant STAMP for college credit means learners aren’t just able to showcase their skills–they’re able to demonstrate their readiness to advance their learning in higher education, global adventures, and opportunities in the working world. 

The American Council on Education (ACE) has recommended Avant STAMP, STAMP WS, and APT for college credit. 

Avant Digital Badges are the means to send secure transcripts to college admissions to request credit or placement into higher-level courses. In addition, they can be placed on resumes, email signatures, and social media profiles for employment purposes and there is no limit as to how many you can earn!

Reach out to the Avant team and tap into the full potential of your program’s Proficiency Cycle!