The test taker profile page is the first screen that appears after the test taker logs in. It is used to verify the test taker login information, gather additional information about the test taker and record information about the test taker’s background with the language being tested.

The only required fields are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Test Taker ID
  • Retype Test Taker ID

However, we encourage you to use the optional fields. They provide a wealth of information that is included with the test results information when you use the Line Item Summary Download (see the Avant STAMP Reporting Guide for more information).

Successful use of the profile information requires communication with the test takers to ensure that they understand the questionnaire and that they will answer all of the questions for which you need data.

The following screenshots better show the three sections of the test taker profile page.

Login Information

The login name is what will help the test taker return to the test later. The login name needs to be unique from other test takers.

Examples: Your Student ID or Full Name

Login name should be:

  1. Between 5-25 characters long.
  2. Any combination of letters, numbers, or any of the following special characters: @ (at symbol) _ (underscore)  (hyphen) . (period) , (comma)  (single quote).
  3. Unique within the testing group (e.g. student or employee ID number or email).

Test takers should memorize their login name. If test takers need to stop and continue the test at a later time, they will need to enter their login name exactly as they did the first time.

Create Profile

In this section, the test taker will enter his/her First Name and Last Name. Each of these fields accepts up to 50 characters. Test Taker ID is typically the test taker’s Student ID number, if one exists. This is especially important if you plan to upload test results to a student information system. Otherwise, any numbers or characters can be entered here and would not need to be unique for each test taker. 

If you want to use the language background information in analyzing test results, the test proctor or teacher should let the test takers know that you require this information. The test proctor should also be prepared to answer any questions test takers may have with this section of the test.

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1. Create Profile: After test takers enter a Login Name and log in, the Test Taker Profile screen will appear where test takers will need to enter First Name, Last Name and Test Taker ID.

2. Test Taker ID: Please note that Test Taker ID is different from the Login Name. However, test takers can use the same combination for both Login Name and Test Taker ID. Some institutions have the test takers enter their student ID for one and their school-issued email address for the other for data tracking purposes.

3. Email: An optional email field. This field provides an additional test taker verification point.