• Avant STAMP is a nationally recognized web-based test that assesses language proficiency.
  • Avant STAMP was originally developed by the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS), a National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Oregon and funded by the US Department of Education. It was later adapted and is delivered by Avant Assessment.
  • Test results inform test takers and educators about learning progress and program effectiveness.
  • Tests are taken in a proctored environment with no outside resources allowed.
  • The test has four sections – Self-Evaluation Reading, Writing, Self-Evaluation Listening, and Speaking.
  • Test takers will be asked to answer seven self-evaluation questions that best represent their skill/ability level in both the Reading and Listening sections. The self-evaluated reading score is used to determine the level of prompt delivered for the writing section. The same applies to the listening self-evaluation related to the speaking prompts. This allows the language productive sections to be more appropriately leveled for the test taker.
  • Writing and Speaking responses are rated by Avant’s trained raters who use a Scoring Rubric that lists the criteria for meeting Benchmark Levels.

Individual Report

The Individual Report displays the score (benchmark level) that the test taker attained in each skill tested along with a Composite Score. The composite score represents the test taker’s Writing and Speaking scores added together and divided by two. Self-evaluated Reading and Listening scores are not included in the Composite score calculation.

Self-Evaluation Reading and Self-Evaluation Listening sections will show a score generated by Avant once a test taker completes each section.

Writing and Speaking sections will show a scoring graphic. These inverted pyramids have a filled area that depicts the level attained in Writing and Speaking sections accordingly once rating is completed by Avant.

The area to the right of the inverted pyramid describes the characteristics associated with the skill (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) and level category (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced). If a test section was not completed, this area of the report will show the test taker status for this section (Section Not Started or Section In Progress).

The area to the far right contains Power Up Suggestions that the test taker can work on to attain higher level scores in the particular skill.

STAMP WS Individual Report sample.

Understanding the Scores

To understand more about the Individual Report scores, see the Benchmark and Rubric Guide. The rubric outlines in detail what expectations are placed upon the test takers for performance at any given level. For more information about a specific test taker’s scores, contact the organization that administered the test.