This series presents teachers with a guided opportunity to reflect on their own practice and engage with their colleagues in discussion around their individual reflections. These modules provide an in-depth look at the proficiency descriptors and modes of communication. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the proficiency levels, an introduction to scoring using proficiency rubrics, and providing feedback to learners. Participants will leave with a working knowledge of Avant’s scoring rubrics and guides for teachers and learners. 

This course is appropriate for Dual Language Immersion and World Language programs. Course content and real-world examples will be tailored to your program type. 

Overview of Module 1: Introduction to Proficiency: Reviewing and Reflecting on Proficiency-Based Instruction in the World Language Classroom

Overview of Module 2: World Language Proficiency Application: Moving from Knowing to Doing

This workshop may be performed live for an additional fee. Reach out to an Avant MORE Learning representative to get a quote.