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Avant Assessment

STAMP™ Proficiency Assessment

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"Knowing that STAMP scores are accurate and a good predictor of students' success on the
Language Proficiency Exam has enabled us to focus on other aspects of our language department
while providing our students with an alternative pathway for their educational language requirements." 


Avant's STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) assessments determine proficiency in multiple languages and domains for elementary school through college students. 

STAMP assessments are web-based and computer-adaptive, with real-world questions that engage foreign language students and help them understand their own proficiency levels.
 Facilitated by a proctor, STAMP assessments have been validated by field testing and expert panels.

STAMP scores are reported by district/institution, school, class and individual at proficiency benchmarks related to ACTFL levels Novice through Advanced. Reading and Listening scores are available immediately, and Writing and Speaking are scored externally by certified raters and available within 3-5 business days. Reports are downloadable to Excel for flexible analysis.

STAMP assessments help educators monitor progress and evaluate programs, empowering informed decisions around staff development and instructional planning.

Choose the STAMP assessment that's right for your world language program:

STAMP 4Se, for grades 3-6
Assess Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening proficiency in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, Japanese and Spanish, with questions and graphics that are appropriate for these lower grades.

STAMP 4S, for middle school through college
Assess Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening proficiency in Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, Japanese and Spanish.

Classic STAMP, for middle school through college
Assess Reading, Writing and Speaking proficiency in German and Italian.

For additional product information, download the STAMP Product Description.


Questions about STAMP? 
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NOTE: CAP and NOELLA, built by CASLS, are also delivered by Avant Assessment.