About Avant STAMPe

The ‘e’ in STAMPe stands for elementary school or elementary-age language learners. This series of assessments are specifically designed to be developmentally and linguistically appropriate for learners in world language, dual language immersion programs, or other school environments with learners aged 12 and younger. 

Avant STAMP tests use authentic texts and audio in situations the learner may encounter in the real world. Try a sample test below to see the type of questions and prompts given.

Sample Tests

Who Uses Avant STAMPe?

Whatever your purpose, our easy-to-read visual reports and test taker resources are always available to help prepare students and learn how to “power up” their skills.

World Language Programs

More schools and districts are recognizing the benefits of early language learning. World language programs can improve learning outcomes with regular benchmarking, data analysis, and professional learning on making data-informed curriculum decisions. Avant STAMPe is used to build early pathways to encourage and empower language growth in younger learners.

Dual Language Immersion

Measuring student language growth is essential for dual language programs.

This starts as early as kindergarten or first grade. It helps parents, teachers, and school leaders see how well students are improving in their language skills. Proficiency assessments allow learners to see their progress and stay motivated to achieve higher language learning and build early pathways.

Our MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI) team will help you turn that assessment data into those pathways.

Heritage-Based Programs

Heritage language learners should be recognized and celebrated for the language that is a part of their cultural identity. Assessment for heritage learners helps identify the skills needed to improve in their early years, so they are prepared to earn Seals of Biliteracy or potential college credit when they get older.


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Flexible Testing Options

Avant STAMPe skill sections can be taken in any order and one at a time, if needed. If your learners are better served only testing one skill in one session, just log out and log back in during the next test session. 

Since Avant STAMPe is approved for use as early as K-1, any skill combination can be ordered. Listening and Speaking are the most commonly used for the youngest learners.

Reading and Writing can be added as skills develop to monitor progress from the very beginning.

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Online, Computer-Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive tests eliminate questions that are too easy or too difficult for each test taker allowing them to reach their highest level of proficiency. All Avant assessments are developed by professional target language and assessment experts.

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Aligned to the Proficiency Guidelines

Avant’s assessments utilize authentic texts and audio you would encounter in the real world such as signs, animals, and the weather. All of our assessments are developed to align with internationally recognized proficiency standards.

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Developmentally and Linguistically Appropriate Content

Avant STAMPe was specifically made for world language, dual language immersion, heritage, and home school learners aged 12 and younger.

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Fast And Easily Accessible Results

Avant STAMP Reading and Listening results are available online immediately, and the Writing and Speaking responses are scored by Avant Certified Raters in 7-10 business days. Test results are never deleted so that programs can conduct detailed longitudinal analysis.

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Clever and ClassLink are single sign-on (SSO) integrations that make rostering your test takers quick, easy, and more secure. Using these integrations means profile information is consistent. This ensures the ability to compare learner test results quickly and efficiently.

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Cross-Device Solutions

All of Avant’s testing products are compatible with most browsers and devices, including iPads (iOS version 12+) and Chromebooks, to give you more flexibility when testing.

Note: iPads/tablets may not be used with AvantProctor. Test takers must have a computer, laptop, or Chromebook for this service.

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We continuously work to improve our safeguards for testing, test taker data, and proctoring integrity. Avant is compliant with the current data privacy laws and security requirements. Learn more about our Test Security and Integrity.

User Guide Resources

Already testing with Avant STAMPe? Avant offers all the materials necessary to ensure your testing goes as smoothly as possible, from setting up the technology to viewing your reports.

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