The STAMP Family of Tests

Avant STAMP™ is used to measure real-world language proficiency and earn credentials like Seals of Biliteracy.

STAMP 4S test.


4-skill assessment for teenagers and adults
Reading Writing Listening Speaking


4-skill assessment for elementary schools
Reading Writing Listening Speaking


2-skill assessment for teenagers and adults
Writing Speaking


2-skill assessment for elementary schools
Writing Speaking


4-skill assessment for professionals & businesses
Reading Writing Listening Speaking
young student.

STAMP Monolingual

4-skill assessment with instructions in testing language
Reading Writing Listening Speaking
Medical professionals.

STAMP Medical

4-skill assessment for the medical field
Reading Writing Listening Speaking


2-skill American Sign Language assessment
Receptive Expressive
Old Latin Texts.

STAMP for Latin

1-skill Latin assessment

About Avant STAMP

The Avant STAMP™ (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) language assessment was originally created at the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS). 

Its purpose is to improve language-learning outcomes, support excellence in language programs, and enable language credentialing.

Avant STAMP is recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the same educational body that has provided credit recommendations to institutions of higher education for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, Cambridge Assessments, and ACT subject tests. This provides opportunities for students to earn credit or be placed in higher-level courses to advance their language skills.

Universities across the U.S. are recognizing Avant STAMP and creating pathways to higher education for language learners everywhere. 

Learn more about the credit recommendations.

Available Languages

Avant STAMP is available in 48 languages and counting.

Your customer service and product quality have been extraordinary.

Carolina Prestinary, CEO, INNOVA Learning Hub


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Gauge Program Quality

Avant STAMP provides constructive analysis and data for language program development, enabling educators to improve learning outcomes and make more informed decisions on curriculum and training.

Growth bar chart icon.

Measure Growth

By delivering accurate data on real-world language proficiency levels, Avant STAMP facilitates progress monitoring through the measurement of individual, group, and program growth.

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Seals Of Biliteracy

Hundreds of schools, districts, and businesses choose Avant STAMP 4S, Avant STAMP WS, STAMP for ASL, STAMP for Latin, and the Arabic Proficiency Test to qualify test takers for Seals of Biliteracy, giving them credentials for college applications and resumes.

Avant STAMPe puts younger learners on the path to earning a Seal.

Annual Refresh icon.

Annual Refreshes and Additions

Writing and Speaking prompts are replaced and/or supplemented every year. Reading and Listening questions are replaced on a regular schedule, based on several research criteria. This helps to ensure test security and maintain high-quality assessments.

Who Uses Avant STAMP?


The Avant STAMP assessment:


The Avant STAMP Pro assessment:

  • Verifies language skills online, anywhere around the world.
  • Enables hiring managers and supervisors to quickly and affordably match employees and candidates to job requirements.
  • Saves HR time with remote proctoring through AvantProctor.
  • Certify employees and recruit candidates with a Global Seal of Biliteracy and skill-based pay differentials.
  • Ensures confident hiring.

Test Takers

Avant STAMP:

Avant STAMP report data and individual scores help inform teacher practice. The ability to implement STAMP at different times during the school year allowed students to see their growth which was motivating for them.

Ryan Theodoriches, Social Studies and World Languages Specialist,  Evergreen Public Schools (WA)


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Aligned to Internationally Recognized Proficiency Standards

Avant’s assessments utilize actual authentic texts and audio you would encounter in the real world such as articles, advertisements, and news. Avant proficiency tests are aligned to US or European proficiency standards.

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Online, Computer-Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive tests eliminate questions that are too easy or too difficult for each test taker allowing them to reach their highest level of proficiency. All Avant assessments are developed by professional target language and assessment experts.

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Fast And Easily Accessible Results

Avant STAMP Reading, Listening, and ASL Receptive results are available online immediately, and the Writing and Speaking responses are scored by Avant Certified Raters in 10-12 business days. ASL Expressive results are delivered in 20-22 business days.

Single Sign On icon.

Clever and ClassLink are single sign-on (SSO) integrations that make rostering your test takers quick, easy, and more secure. Using these integrations means profile information is consistent. This ensures the ability to compare learner test results quickly and efficiently.

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We continuously work to improve our safeguards for testing, test taker data, and proctoring integrity. Avant is compliant with the current data privacy laws and security requirements. Learn more about our Test Security and Integrity.

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Cross-Device Solutions

All of Avant’s testing products are compatible with most browsers and devices, including iPads (iOS version 12+) and Chromebooks, to give you more flexibility when testing.

Note: iPads/tablets may not be used with AvantProctor. Test takers must have a computer, laptop, or Chromebook for this service.

How to Leverage Avant STAMP Data

Experienced educators Roger Burt and Bonnie Peterson share how they used the data from the Avant STAMP in the Davis School District to improve their students’ and programs’ outcomes.

User Guide Resources

Already testing with Avant STAMP? Avant offers all the materials necessary to ensure testing goes as smoothly as possible, from setting up the technology to viewing your reports.

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