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About Avant ADVANCE

Avant ADVANCE is an online training tool that increases teachers’ ability to accurately score student writing responses and internalize the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Trainees learn level-specific features and criteria that define the different levels.

Avant ADVANCE will help teachers score with higher accuracy, confidence and inter-rater reliability. Designed with scaffolded, self-paced modules, trainees practice on rating student writing samples, receiving immediate feedback on rating accuracy on Novice through Advanced-level responses. Trainees may also participate in online refresher practice at any point during their subscription term.

On average, it will take a total of 12 to 15 hours to complete all of the modules. Each Module contains 2-3 training videos, which can run from 5-10 minutes each. Twenty-five written practice responses are included in a Module Test at the end of each Module.

When all Modules are complete with a high level of accuracy, teachers will take a Certification Test to prove abilities to score student samples at a very high agreement level across all proficiency levels. Avant ADVANCE will fundamentally change teachers’ perspectives and empower them to transform their teaching toward real-world proficiency.

Avant ADVANCE is based on the system and software that Avant built and refined over 14 years to train, certify and manage our Avant STAMP assessment raters.

What Educators Are Saying…

For those educators who want to keep fine-tuning their skills, aligning their practices to specific outcomes, and helping their students to reach their goals, Avant ADVANCE is a course that you must take. By Module 4 you will definitely see a great leap in your understanding and personal growth. Don’t expect “perfection” out of yourself, but instead “trust the process” of your own learning– just as you want your students to do with theirs. This training is eye-opening and so rewarding. If your students take the STAMP test but you are still wondering if this course is for you, it is. No matter how long you have been teaching, you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a heightened sense of what it means to help your students be successful in their language acquisition. There are also many additional resources provided to help you along the way. So, don’t hesitate to register– and get ready to be blessed!

Mrs. Laura L. Frasa, B.A., M.A. Secondary Spanish Teacher & World Language Department Head, Oakland Christian School, MI

This is by far the most worthwhile training we have done in YEARS!!! I am so grateful that my team and I now have common language between three different languages as we collaborate in our PLC [professional learning certification] process.

Shasta Ruddock Teacher AP Spanish, Cheney School District, WA

“ADVANCE has been a wonderful resource! My students have benefited from my learning through the ADVANCE modules. My beginner students have been able to see sentence structures grow, along with their emerging abilities, from single word answers to complete sentences. My intermediate students have benefited from my guidance on what exactly an added detail is and what that looks like in a sentence. I’ve been able to guide my more advanced students on polishing their language production with connected ideas through the use of transitions, more concrete paragraphs, and the introduction of my complex structures. As a teacher, this learning has helped me to continue to focus on the level of language that is produced by my students at any given time. My learning through ADVANCE, coupled with data reports from previous STAMP tests, has helped to identify areas of weakness and strengths in language production and interpretation, compare where my students perform to those from around the country and in my previous district, and drive my instruction to better serve the needs of my classes.”

Dr. Jason Bagley French Teacher, Greenville County Schools, SC

“Avant ADVANCE is helping to revolutionize professional learning for all of our state’s World Language teachers. ADVANCE provides deep learning experiences that enable each individual teacher to credential his or her understanding of proficiency in a personalized, meaningful way. By completing the ADVANCE modules and successfully passing the final certification assessment, our teachers are presented with a special credential that certifies them as a Delaware-Recognized World Language Proficiency Champion. Avant is helping us reach our goal of at least 90% of all of our world language teachers being Proficiency Champions by 2021!”

Gregory Fulkerson, Ph.D. Director, Language Acquisition, Delaware Department of Education, DE


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Improve Student Outcomes

Teachers gain a better understanding of how to apply the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and how to help students reach their goals.

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Earn Professional Development Units

Avant ADVANCE is a quick and affordable solution to allow more educators to earn professional development units.

Assigning 10-12 Professional Development Units (PDU’s) for completing the training is the common practice in the majority of districts.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Learn the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines at your convenience with online training, instant feedback, and unlimited access to practice exercises.

Pricing and Ordering

Standard Price: $299 (one-year license) 

AATSP members: $199 (one-year license)  

AATG members: $199 (one-year license)  

User Guides

Already using Avant ADVANCE? Avant offers all the materials necessary to ensure your experience with Avant ADVANCE is as smooth as possible, from setting up the technology to viewing your reports.

For more information, see ADVANCE Frequently Asked Questions.