A Brief History of Avant Assessment

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Avant Leadership Team.

Dr. Carl Falsgraf envisioned an online, standards-based assessment of language proficiency to shift language education from a grammar-based, rote-learning approach to a focus on developing real-world proficiency.

Carl and his team at the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) began developing STAMP (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) as the world’s first online language proficiency test.

In 2001, David and Sheila Bong joined Carl to pursue that vision and created what is now Avant Assessment. Today, Avant delivers the STAMP across the country and around the world.

Avant builds and delivers ever more effective assessments of real-world proficiency. They’ve expanded their offerings to support all areas of language acquisition with professional learning for world language and dual language educators in addition to MeTabi, the newly released AI-based language learning app.

Avant’s mission is as it has always been: to improve the learning and teaching of languages.