About Avant STAMP for American Sign Language (ASL)

Avant STAMP for ASL is a first-of-its-kind American Sign Language test. It was developed for second-language learners of ASL and Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) in collaboration with Bridges Oregon. Bridges Oregon is one of only two organizations that deliver the National Sign Language Assessment (NSLA) which uses the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) to assess ASL interpreters.

For every test purchased and delivered, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to Bridges Oregon in support of its mission.

This assessment was developed to align with the same proficiency scale and rigor as all other Avant STAMP tests. The Receptive skill is computer- adaptive and results are available immediately upon completion. The Expressive skill is scored by members of the ASL linguistics community that have undergone Avant Rater Certification training.

Test takers may be evaluated on the Receptive skill (the ability to comprehend ASL) as well as the Expressive skill (the ability to create ASL) including the use of ASL grammar. This computer-adaptive Sign Language test is conducted entirely online and does not require a live interviewer; making it convenient and affordable!


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Credit by Exam

Avant STAMP for ASL helps both Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) and ASL second language learners earn world language high school or college credits for their acquired language skills. Increase access and equity to higher-level courses and programs by offering the Avant STAMP for ASL test!

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Place with Confidence

By delivering accurate data on test takers’ real-world language proficiency levels, Avant STAMP for ASL can help place students with some American Sign Language skills into appropriate class levels. 

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We continuously work to improve our safeguards for testing, test taker data, and proctoring integrity. Avant is compliant with the current data privacy laws and security requirements. Learn more about our Test Security and Integrity.

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Earn a Seal of Biliteracy

STAMP for ASL is approved for the Global Seal of Biliteracy! Test takers can showcase their skills on college applications, social media, and to prospective employers.

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Clever and ClassLink are single sign-on (SSO) integrations that make rostering your test takers quick, easy, and more secure. Using these integrations means profile information is consistent. This ensures the ability to compare learner test results quickly and efficiently.

A Shared Purpose to Support Access Through Language Learning

Avant Assessment is dedicated to improving equity, access and understanding through the improved teaching and learning of languages. 

For every test purchased and delivered, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed to Bridges Oregon in support of their mission.

Bridges Oregon has Deaf veteran ASL K-16 teachers on their team who are instrumental in providing guidance to the Avant test development team in building the assessment. In addition, Bridges Oregon has introduced ASL experts to be part of the team of Avant certified raters who review and rate individual test taker responses.

As a visual language, ASL presents new test design and technology challenges for online assessment and we are thrilled to now have Bridges Oregon’s expert support as we develop the test. ASL is a quickly growing language in schools and universities across the country. STAMP for ASL will meet the needs of ASL education programs and ASL learners by providing a way to obtain data that will support analysis and professional learning. This will support improvements in learning outcomes and enable learners to qualify for Seals of Biliteracy.

David Bong CEO & Co-Founder

Bridges Oregon looks forward to participating in this new opportunity with Avant and being able to witness a new technology milestone that allows an ASL assessment to be available through Avant’s innovative computer adaptive technology with support from our heritage language scoring assessment team, and this partnership is significant as it increases resources to schools and universities.

Chad A. Ludwig, Executive Director of Bridges Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the Avant STAMP for ASL?

Avant STAMP for ASL was designed for second-language learners of ASL and Children of Deaf Adults (CODA). The Receptive skill assessment may be used as an evaluation for a variety of ASL learners. The Expressive skill may only be administered to learners age 13+ to meet privacy laws for younger test takers.

What are the system requirements for Avant STAMP for ASL?

Avant STAMP for ASL uses full motion video for both Receptive and Expressive skills, which requires a strong network connection and a current computer. A computer camera will be required for the signing-Expressive portion of the test.

Avant STAMP for ASL is currently compatible with only the Chrome browser (the latest version) on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Please see our Assessment Technology Guide for overall system, equipment requirements, and browser capabilities.

What are the bandwidth requirements?

Avant STAMP for ASL uses full motion video to present the content for both Receptive and Expressive skills. Bandwidth requirements will depend on the number of test takers attempting to take the assessment at the same time. Limiting this number will benefit the test takers to ensure the highest quality of video streaming.

Please see our Assessment Technology Guide for overall system, equipment requirements, and browser capabilities.

When are the STAMP for ASL test results available?

Receptive section scores are available as soon as the test taker completes each section. These are scored by the computer-adaptive engine. Be sure to refresh the page for updates.
Expressive section scores are available from 20 to 22 business days after test completion. Scores may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the rating progress. During busy testing times (March-June), scoring may take longer. Please plan accordingly.

Do you have assessments for other languages?

Yes, we offer many other assessments in different configurations and languages. Please visit our Test Overview page to see the languages available for each type of assessment.

How long does each section of the STAMP for ASL test take?

Receptive: 35-40 minutes
Expressive: 20-25 minutes

How many questions will learners encounter on the Avant STAMP for ASL assessment?

Receptive: approximately 30 multiple choice questions
Expressive: 3 prompts

How do I prepare test takers for STAMP for ASL?

Due to the online and recorded nature of the assessment, test takers are advised to ensure they adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Test takers must keep their hands and face within the frame of the camera.
  • There should not be other people in the background.
  • Lighting should allow the face to be clearly visible with light in front of the test taker and no windows behind which creates a silhouette effect.
  • Test takers will be evaluated on appropriate facial expressions; the use of ASL grammar.
  • Using face masks or long hair bands covering the eyes, wearing a hat, or wearing dark sunglasses that block facial expressions will result in a lower proficiency rating.
  • Chewing gum during the test will result in a lower proficiency rating.
  • Fingerspelling is appropriate for names. However, using fingerspelling for basic signs or as a full response will result in a lower proficiency rating.
  • Signing in English Word Order grammar will result in a lower proficiency rating.

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