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Avant STAMP Pro is used by businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all sizes to verify the language skills of their employees and applicants.

You can trust Avant to help your Human Resources or Talent Acquisition department accurately assess any number of employees without the need for a lengthy, expensive oral interview. In our ever-connected world, it is essential for your employees to communicate effectively with their colleagues and clients, and STAMP Pro allows you to guarantee they can.

Healthcare professionals also have the option of the Avant STAMP Medical which boasts writing and speaking prompts with profession-specific vocabulary and terminology.

What’s more, our support team is here when you need them. Contact one of our language assessment experts directly by phone or email with questions or concerns that arise before or during testing.

Bilingualism can now be Certified

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The Global Seal of Biliteracy is a language passport to opportunity! It is a powerful credential that anyone who demonstrates proficiency in two or more languages can earn, regardless of how they gained those skills.

The Global Seal can be earned at either the Functional Fluency (Intermediate-Mid) level or the Working Fluency (Advanced-Low) level, which is based on test scores. Applicants can use Avant STAMP Pro or Avant STAMP WS, among other language proficiency tests, to prove their skills.

As the need for diverse language skills in the workplace grows, a Global Seal credential provides objective verification of an individual’s bilingual achievements.


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Evaluate Accurately

Use Avant STAMP Pro to ensure that your employees’ language skills allow them to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues in 45+ languages.

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Test With Confidence

STAMP Pro delivers data on test takers’ real-world language proficiency, allowing you to supplement or replace in-person interviews with greater accuracy.

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Convenient Setup

Avant STAMP Pro is designed for flexibility; test either in your proctored workplace environment or with AvantProctor, our remote proctoring service, anywhere.

Recommended for College Credit

college students who are getting credit via a STAMP test.

Avant STAMP 4S is recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE), the same educational body that has provided credit recommendations to institutions of higher education for College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, Cambridge Assessments, and ACT subject tests. This provides opportunities for students to earn credit or be placed in higher-level courses to advance their language skills.

Universities across the U.S. are recognizing Avant STAMP and creating pathways to higher education for language learners everywhere. 

Learn more about the credit recommendations. 


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Aligned to Internationally-Recognized Standards

Avant’s assessments utilize actual authentic texts and audio you would encounter in the real world such as articles, advertisements, and news. Our reports provide easy-to-understand graphics and actionable suggestions for improving proficiency.

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Online, Computer-Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive tests eliminate questions that are too easy or too difficult for each test taker allowing them to reach their highest level of proficiency. All Avant assessments are developed by professional target language and assessment experts.

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Fast and Easily Accessible Results

Avant STAMP Reading and Listening results are available online immediately, and the Writing and Speaking responses are scored by Avant Certified Raters in 10-12 business days or sooner.

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Cross-Device Solutions

All of Avant’s testing products are compatible with most browsers and devices, including iPads (iOS version 12+) and Chromebooks, to give you more flexibility when testing.

Note: iPads/tablets may not be used with AvantProctor. Test takers must have a computer, laptop, or Chromebook for this service.

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We continuously work to improve our safeguards for testing, test taker data, and proctoring integrity. Avant is compliant with the current data privacy laws and security requirements. Learn more about our Test Security and Integrity.

User Guide Resources

Already testing with STAMP Pro? Avant offers all the materials necessary to ensure your testing goes as smoothly as possible, from setting up the technology to viewing your reports.

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