Language Proficiency Professional Learning

Improved language learning starts with professional development for teachers and administrators. We support World Language, Dual Language Immersion, Heritage, and Bilingual education programs. 

Engage your teams in their understanding of the proficiency descriptors, assessment analysis, and data-informed curriculum practices. 

Educators with Proven Practices

Avant MORE Learning is the leading language proficiency professional learning and training provider. All of our coaching is designed and delivered by accomplished world language and dual language educators who have used these practices. Meet our team.

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Coaching for Teachers and Administrators

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Partnership puzzle piece.
  • Proficiency descriptors’ relation to curriculum and assessment.
  • Leveraging proficiency guidelines for formative assessment. 
  • Evaluate the quality of assessments and content for outcome-based approaches. 
  • Benchmarking with accurate and reliable language testing.
  • Analyzing assessment data with the goal of informing teaching practices.
  • Real-world practices for all education types including second language, dual language immersion, heritage schools, and bilingual curriculum settings.

Developing Language Leaders

  • Providing opportunities for emerging leaders to shine, highlighting and celebrating their journeys.
  • Supporting state and national initiatives.
  • Counseling, coaching, advising and supporting programs, administrators and teachers.

Avant MORE Learning adapts to your needs. We offer language proficiency professional learning and training packages designed to flex to your needs, schedules, and desired team members.

An Avant MORE Learning team member will consult with you prior to purchase. This helps ensure you get the professional learning that is right for your team. 

Why Test for Language Proficiency?

Explore the Avant Assessment Proficiency Cycle. In this video, we discuss the four stages of the cycle– Assess, Analyze,  Accelerate, and Achieve– and explain how proficiency testing can enhance the language learning experience, inform instructional decisions and empower your learners to earn a Seal of Biliteracy!

MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI)

Dual Language Immersion Specialists

Language is the heart of dual language immersion. That is what makes these programs so special: a student’s language proficiency is the foundation for all other core subjects.

Learners thrive in an environment where they are challenged linguistically in everyday contexts and develop holistic knowledge of real-world language use. Parents enroll their students for the purpose of achieving proficiency in two or more languages.

So why is language proficiency often overlooked? With MEDLI, it’s not.

MORE Effective Dual Language Immersion (MEDLI) is comprised of a specialist team within Avant MORE Learning. It is a global initiative with a mission to fulfill the promise of DLI– to create a world where every child is multilingual.

What makes for a high-quality and long-lasting DLI program? Accountability. How do you get accountability? Proficiency-based assessment.

Gregg Roberts, Founder and Director of Dual Language Studies for the State of Utah, Retired


Avant’s professional development team worked overtime to craft learning sessions that were meaningful and relevant for both new and veteran teachers. Our teachers explored the differences between performance and proficiency along with turnkey instructional strategies based on best practices.

Angela Sherman, Ph.D. Senior Director Bilingual Education & World Language Programs, Detroit Public Schools

I want to thank you again for the amazing PD you provided us. I felt you did a superior job then and after meeting with the teachers last week it was even more evident that you have opened doors and windows. Your presentation was intentional in so many ways and that in itself serves as a great model for the teachers. I will be updating the staff on our summer work and will leave the description of your presentation to the teachers who are still glowing with their new understanding of their role as educators. Their enthusiasm is awesome to say the least. Thank you again for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your devotion to our profession. Looking forward to many more opportunities to collaborate.

Eileen Frankel Spanish Teacher, World Language Coordinator, grades 3-12, Fairfield Public Schools

Series & Courses

Teacher Development at home at night.

Avant ADVANCE Online Proficiency Training

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ADVANCE Together

Online teacher professional development training.

Introduction to Proficiency for New Language Teachers​

mother working with her daughter's language proficiency.

Language Proficiency 101

Proficiency in Practice Series

man teaching English Proficiency online.

Teacher Toolbox Series 1: Advancing Onward

kids having fun in a language immersion class.

Teacher Toolbox Series 2: Immersion 101​

Custom Workshops

Onsite Full Day Workshop

Virtual Full Day Workshop

Avant MORE Learning professionals can customize professional learning to suit your needs in World Language, Dual Language and Bilingual Immersion, Higher Education, and yes…MORE!

We provide a consult prior to purchase. This helps ensure you receive the best solution to meet your world language professional learning needs. 

Professional Learning for Teachers

  • Methods, strategies, engagement, supporting ALL learners ALL the time
  • Curriculum and unit development, setting proficiency targets
  • Assessment development (Integrated Performance Assessments) that support increasing proficiency
  • Practices that increase proficiency and biliteracy
  • Literacy strategies in the world language or immersion classroom
  • Practices that support language and content learning, assessment and outcomes in DLI programs
  • Rater reliability training using the ACTFL Descriptors
  • Data analysis and implications for instruction
  • Acclimation to American schools for international teachers
  • Pre-service teacher training (Alternative pathways to certification support, high school teacher cadets, college graduates)
  • Teaching in performance-based and proficiency-based environments
  • Instructional coaching (for teachers and teacher leaders)

Administrative Training

  • Administrative support and coaching
  • Program development and advisement
  • Program evaluation
  • Supporting new teachers to the profession or to American schools
  • Ongoing professional learning support options (including year-long packages, face-to-face and virtual, course development)
  • Leadership development supporting language learning initiatives (for department chairs, team leaders, area supervisors, coaches and/or administration)

Meet the Team

World Language Educators and Trainers

Avant MORE Learning was established as a division of Avant Assessment in 2019. We work with a variety of programs centered around proficiency and achieving higher learning outcomes.

Our virtual and in-person training and learning opportunities can be customized through surveys, workshops, and online products. We provide timely training on best practices in world language, dual language immersion, heritage, and bilingual education settings to assist our partners with utilizing their data to best meet program needs and goals.

Brandee Mau, Director of STAMP WS Rating and DLI Specialist

Brandee Mau
VP of Professional Learning

Brandee joined Avant after eight years as a German and Russian Dual Language Immersion director in Utah and 16 years as a Wyoming high school German teacher and district curriculum facilitator. During this time, she developed curriculum and coached language teachers of all grades, contributed to multiple state standards revisions, served on state and national language association boards and committees, and worked to align proficiency and course expectations. Additionally, as part of the College Board committee, she created and developed the new AP German Language and Culture exam. She was also a Wyoming Department of Education Teacher of the Year finalist and an ACTFL National Teacher of the Year finalist. 

At Avant, she works with diverse languages to create and establish STAMP WS assessments, ensuring inter-rater reliability, as the German Rater Manager, and with the Avant MORE Learning team as a Dual Language Immersion Specialist. Her research interests focus on effective language learning, assessments, and fostering potential in our profession and our language students. After hours, Brandee loves spending time with family and friends, reading, planning and enjoying new adventures, and working in her flower beds.

Our mission is to build shared learning communities through proficiency-driven practice

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Amanda M., World Language Specialist at Avant Assessment.

Amanda Minnillo
Senior Professional Learning Specialist

Amanda believes that empowered teachers empower students and that every child deserves a school where they feel welcome and appreciated. She believes that language learning and instruction provide the foundations for such schools. A former high school French teacher, Amanda most recently served as the World Language and Dual Language Immersion Teacher Support Specialist for Lexington County School District One in South Carolina. In this performance-based district, Amanda supported teachers through curriculum writing, individual coaching cycles, and whole-group professional learning. She has served as the Awards Director for the Southern Conference on Language Teaching, an advocate for the Leadership Initiative for Language Learning,  and is on the executive board for the South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association for which she was president and editor of the Crescent blog. Considering herself a language fun-doer, Amanda presents at local, state, regional, and national conferences with a heart for topics involving inclusion, cultivating and powering up proficiency in the modes of communication and engagement through fun communicative activities presented in a learn-by-doing fashion.  At Avant, Amanda works with professionals in the field to support language learning programs and instructional practices through Avant More Learning. In her free time, Amanda enjoys gardening, hiking, traveling to experience new cultures, and always aspires to learn something new.