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Avant Assessment

Language Proficiency Assessments

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Avant provides language assessments to multiple agencies within the U.S. government. Avant distinguishes itself in government contracting by providing proficiency tests ranging from the very low range (Levels 0, 1, 2 on the ILR scale) to the very high range (Levels 3+, 4 and 5 on the ILR scale). That range of item and test production is unique in the language vendor field. With its unique combination of subject matter knowledge, technical expertise, and innovation, Avant has successfully provided tests and items for over 40 different languages.

Avant's Proficiency Assessments are:
  • On the ILR scale
  • Computer-adaptive and multi-stage
  • Less time-consuming than paper and pencil tests
  • Designed so that the examinee sees only questions at or near their ILR level (an adaptive test)
  • Web-delivered and instantly scored
  • Accurate and reliable; built to highest standards of USG community
  • Used by multiple Intelligence Community customers

In addition to the above proficiency tests built exclusively for government agencies, we also have the online STAMP test.