Eugene, OR  – Avant Assessment, a leader in language proficiency assessment, has reaffirmed its commitment to cybersecurity excellence by signing the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Secure by Design Pledge. This commitment underscores Avant’s dedication to implementing strong cybersecurity measures and promoting secure design principles across its operations.

What It Means

By signing the CISA Secure by Design Pledge, Avant Assessment pledges to prioritize cybersecurity and integrate it into every aspect of its product lifecycle. This initiative aims to enhance resilience against cybersecurity threats and foster a safer digital environment for Avant Assessment’s stakeholders.

Why It Matters

In 2022, 56% [of K-12 Districts] reported that they had been hit by ransomware…

Avant CEO and Co-Founder, David Bong, emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in education and with ed tech providers:

“We’re seeing more cases of educational institutions being targeted by cybercriminals. In a survey of K-12 districts in 2022, 56% reported that they had been hit by ransomware.  Avant’s goal is to provide services that meet and exceed security expectations and help educators learn how to maintain the security and privacy of their student data.”

Educational Security Webinars

In conjunction with this pledge, Avant Assessment will host a series of webinars and publish blog posts to educate its audiences on cybersecurity best practices and the significance of the Secure by Design approach.

The first in the series, School Cybersecurity: Key Basics Explained will be held Thursday, July 11, 2024.

These resources are designed to provide educators, administrators, and stakeholders with the knowledge needed to navigate today’s digital landscape securely.

School Cybersecurity Webinar: Key basics explained.

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