Albuquerque, NM – After careful vetting from a New Mexico Public Education Department task force, New Mexico selected Avant Assessment as its statewide contractor for language proficiency assessments. This new assessment adoption will provide immediate feedback for bilingual educators, allow schools and districts to benchmark students at each grade-level and inform teaching in real time to improve learning outcomes.

“We are honored to be the only company in the nation to offer bilingual assessments to New Mexico Public Schools,” said Avant Assessment co-founder and CEO David Bong. “Our team is committed to seeing these students reach their full potential, and the real-time data is a key element to success.”

The state recently finalized the contract and is already offering the assessments in classes throughout the state.

“Teachers will now have data that can influence how they teach their students, faster and more efficiently,” added Avant Regional Account Manager Bonnie Buck. “We are already seeing amazing results with other districts across the country who use our assessments, and we are excited to see how bilingual proficiency levels will increase for students in New Mexico.”

Other than Utah, New Mexico is the only state in the country that offers state funding for bilingual programs. For this reason, New Mexico draws attention from bilingual education experts and program coordinators, since it can provide a model to study and adopt.

Annually New Mexico hosts La Cosecha, the largest dual language conference in the country, which provides a venue for experts to share groundbreaking research and instructional strategy. Avant will appear at this year’s La Cosecha November 13–16.

About Avant Assessment
Co-founded in 2001 by David and Sheila Bong and Dr. Carl Falsgraf, Avant builds and delivers STAMP, the world’s first online four-skill language proficiency assessment. Avant assesses real- world proficiency by pairing innovative computer adaptive technologies with human scoring. Avant’s assessments all align with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Scale. Each assessment is designed to inspire learners to grow and teachers to be more effective. For more information go to