STAMPe: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avant STAMPe

Avant STAMPe (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency) determines language proficiency in 4 domains (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) for grades 2-6.

Avant STAMPe is web-based and computer-adaptive, with real-world questions on topics selected to be level-appropriate based on research into topics taught at each level.

The questions engage learners, and because STAMPe is adaptive, students are able to demonstrate their own actual proficiency level without any pre-set upper limits. Avant STAMPe was originally developed as the NOELLA test by a consortium of six state Foreign Language Supervisors, the Center for Applied Linguistics, and the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon and funded by the US Department of Education.

Avant STAMPe has been validated by field testing and expert panels. It is a secure test that requires a proctor during administration.

Who uses Avant STAMPe?

Avant STAMPe helps elementary educators monitor progress and evaluate programs, empowering informed decision-making around staff development and instructional planning.

This web-based and computer-adaptive test is used by both Immersion and FLES programs across the nation to engage students while determining their foreign language proficiency and generating meaningful data that indicates how they would perform in the real world.

What grade levels are appropriate for Avant STAMPe?

Avant STAMPe is targeted for learners in US grades K-6.

What languages are offered in Avant STAMPe?

Avant STAMPe (grades K-6) is available in Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, German, Hawaiian (‘Ōlelo Hawai’i), Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified & Traditional), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Yup’ik.

How long does it take to complete Avant STAMPe?

On average, it takes approximately 80-90 minutes to complete Avant STAMPe. Avant STAMPe is not timed, and students may pause and resume the assessment at any point.

Test takers are not allowed to use pencils and paper during testing. The STAMP test is designed to enable students to show what they can do with their language in an unrehearsed and spontaneous way in a real world context.

Estimated Avant STAMPe completion times by domain:

  • Reading: 25-35 minutes
  • Writing: 15-20 minutes
  • Listening: 25-30 minutes
  • Speaking: 15-20 minutes

How many questions will test takers encounter on Avant STAMPe?

Reading: approximately 30 multiple choice questions

Writing: 2 prompts

Listening: approximately 30 multiple choice questions

Speaking: 2 prompts

Are test takers penalized for leaving blank responses or should they respond to every prompt?

If the test taker does not attempt a response such as only entering one letter, number, space or only writes/speaks one target language word, the response will be rated as a Zero and that will affect the overall score for that section.

We encourage test takers to do their best and to submit as much language as possible for each prompt so that they can receive an accurate score.

Please refer to the Reporting Guide to see the reasons for Not Ratable (NR) and Zero (0) scores.

If the test taker leaves the response blank, they will not be able to move to the next prompt and complete the section.

What is computer-adaptive testing?

Avant STAMPe is computer-adaptive, meaning that the level of question difficulty that a student is presented with is based on the number of correct answers they have logged so far in the assessment.

The testing engine automatically adapts to each student’s level-up or down-as the test progresses.

This approach was pioneered at Avant Assessment, the first company to develop commercial-grade, multi-stage, computer-adaptive tests for language learning, beginning in 2001.

How are testing results accessed?

All data are accessed via results viewing accounts, available at the following levels:

District/organization-wide allows access to Avant STAMPe testing results for all testing groups within the organization (usually school district or university).

School/sub-organization-wide allows access to testing results for all testing groups within the sub-organization (usually school or university department).

Class/Testing Group allows access to Avant STAMPe testing results for all test takers associated with a specific testing group.

What results reports are available?

  • Individual Reports – Individual reports show the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking levels attained on the Avant STAMPe for each test taker. The individual reports communicate in clear, direct language what test takers at each level are generally able to do. Each test taker’s report has a scoring graphic for each section of the test. This inverted pyramid has a yellow-shaded area that depicts the level attained. For the Writing and Speaking sections, click on the Sample 1 or Sample 2 link to read or hear the test taker’s actual response for each specific prompt. This can be done at any time after the response has been submitted.
  • Line Item Summary Download – The line item summary download creates a Microsoft Excel file that includes student profile information along with the individual’s test results and other test-taking data. From the Excel spreadsheet, you can create a customized report with the fields you want, and sort it however you would like.
  • Summary Chart Download – In many cases, a screen print of the summary charts on the test results screen will meet your needs for graphical presentation of the summary information. However, if you prefer to create a different style of chart or graph, the summary chart download makes it easy to create a Microsoft Excel file with the information from the summary charts.

When will I receive Avant STAMPe Results?

Reading and Listening scores are available as soon as the test taker completes each section. Be sure to refresh the page for updates.

Writing and Speaking scores are typically available from 7 to 10  business days after test completion. Scores may be available sooner, so check the test results screen periodically to determine the rating progress. Click on any score to see additional details or to access Writing and Speaking responses. During busy testing times (March-June), scoring may take longer. Please plan accordingly.

How often are the Avant STAMP items updated?

Reading section / Listening section

  • Approximately 15 – 25% of the items a student comes across will be refreshed on a yearly basis. For languages with fewer test takers, this percentage will be closer to the lower range, whereas for major languages it will be closer to the upper range.
  • As part of the yearly refresh, the position of some items in the test will change, to reduce the amount of exposure of some items in the test.
  • Statistical analysis of item and test characteristics will take place yearly, for every test, to ensure the consistent high reliability of the STAMP assessments.
  • Given the real-time adaptive nature of the STAMP test (not fixed form), as students increase in proficiency year after year they will naturally come across different items as well.

Writing & Speaking sections

  • 100% of all prompts in the operational test are refreshed in December of every year. Old prompts are retired and new ones are introduced into operational test.
  • Refresh serves to reduce item exposure and ensure that test takers experience different tasks and scenarios each year, thus increasing engagement.

What are the headset requirements?

We strongly recommend using headsets that completely cover the ears, blocking out much of the surrounding sound, with built-in microphones. Smaller earbuds or foam headsets that sit on top of the ear will not produce the best results in terms of sound quality.

Please see our Headset Guide for more information.

How are writing samples submitted for languages with accents and special characters?

All of Avant’s assessments include a Writing section in which learners will need to provide typed writing samples. The method for inputting the language sample may differ, depending on the target language for the test.

Please see our Writing Input Guide for language-specific directions.

What does Avant STAMPe cost?

For pricing information or to make a purchase, please call our Account Manager Team at +1 (888) 731-7887 or email us at

How do I order Avant STAMPe?

  • Contact your Account Representative or our Account Manager Team at (888) 731-7887 within the United States, or +1 (541) 338-9090 from outside the United States, or email us at
  • We will prepare a price quote for you outlining the details of the purchase arrangement.
  • Sign and return the Price Quote. Once the signed Price Quote has been received, we will email a Set-Up Form to you to organize your testing groups and testing dates.
  • Return the completed Set-up Form to Avant.
  • An Avant Support Representative will use the Set-Up Form information to create testing codes and assist you with preparing your networks and computer labs.
  • Please plan to allow 2 weeks for test code processing whenever possible.

Do you provide a guideline for teachers and administration?

Avant has several resources that were designed to help prepare administrators and test takers for the testing experience.

Please review the STAMPe Assessment Resources.

Does Avant provide support during testing?

Our support specialists are available for immediate testing support and can be reached via email or phone.


Support Hours (Spring):
Mon-Fri 5:00am – 4:00pm
Sat: 6:00am – 2:30pm
Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -8)

Support Phone:
Toll Free (US): (888) 713-7887
International: +1 (541) 607-4401

Is professional development available?

Yes! Avant provides onsite or online Professional Development offerings to help educators and administrators integrate our assessment solutions into curriculum, learn how to interpret data for program evaluation, and to improve learning outcomes.

Contact us if you are interested in Professional Development:


Phone: 1-888-731-7887

Professional Development

How long can test takers’ responses be for a writing prompt?

Each response for a Writing section prompt can be up to 2500 characters long (400-600 words).

How long can test takers’ responses be for a speaking prompt?

Each response for a Speaking section prompt can be up to three (3) minutes long.